What to Expect

First and foremost you can expect that whatever you decide to have imprinted on your ChaosCups will last the life of the cup. The laser marking process is very precise so just about any logo can be imprinted onto the cup. Really the only limitation is that the process doesn't allow for color. Black is the only option. So Chill, we think you will agree that the combination of the solid black with the stainless steel is the perfect compliment to any logo.

Logo Design

A few things to keep in mind when choosing a logo or design to place onto a ChaosCup are: How does the design look in black and white? Laser Marking does not do any grayscale so to get an idea of what your design would look like, convert it to a pure black and white image - that is how it will be rendered on the cup Keep your design compact. A "stacked" design is better than a wider version. The printable width of the cup is around 3.25" for the 30 oz. As a design gets wider it gets shorter which can end up rendering an image that is wide but not proportionally tall enough.

F.A.Qs Frequently Asked Question:

Where do you place the logo or monogram and how big can it be? The 30 oz ChaosCup has a max printable area of 3.25" wide by 2.75" tall. The marking is always placed 180 degrees opposite of the ChaosCups emboss found at the bottom of the cup.

Click this link to see logo size and dimensions
Keep in mind that just because the cups can be printed with these dimensions it doesn't mean they should. It's important to keep your logo proportional and not overstretch it to fit the max allowable dimensions. We will do our best to make the logo as prominent as possible on the cup but in the end we are still limited by the design.

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